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Jean-Yves Le Porcher

Design manager


Jean-Yves Le Porcher has been a designer for over 30 years, he embraces creation in all forms : from product design to visual and sound design.

He graduated from Arts Appliqués de Paris (ENSAAMA) and led numerous design management projects for prestigious clients such as Maserati, Bentley Motors, Focal, Posca, Spotify, Habitat et Château Cheval Blanc.

He is also the co-creator of Cotoons, the Datafolk electronic music concept, and has been Elipson's Creative Director since 2008.

Today, he leads teams of designers and graphic designers in product collection strategy, brand positioning and design referential.

Founder of the design management agency Akenomy within the Manzalab Group in 2015, he was appointed Manzalab's creative director when the two companies merged in 2019.

Key dates

1967 - Birth in Rouen in Normandy - France

1990 - Creation of the design agency Pineau & Le Porcher

2003 - Cotoons / Canadian Television Grand Prix of Excellence

2003 - Cotoons / Toy Grand Prix

2008 - Appointment to the Creative Direction of Elipson.

2011 - Exhibition of Elipson's Sound Tree at the Milan Triennial.

2015 - Creation of the design management agency Akenomy.

2016 - German Design Award for the Elipson Lenny.

2019 - Merger of Akenomy and Manzalab.

2020 - Appointment to Manzalab - Teemew's creative director.

2023 - Appointment to Ircam Amplify's Chief Experience Officer.

“Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recaptured at will...” 

- Charles Beaudelaire -

Que faisons nous ?

The approach


Our aim is to awaken the child sleeping in each of us. 

The driving motor of our team is crafting and transmitting beautiful stories that stir curiosity and bring enchantment to the mundane.

We take particular care in the affordance of the products or projects that we conceive. The ability of a product to suggest its utility is developed through two manners:

Cognitive psychology and ergonomy, particularly in human-machine interaction and user experience quality.

Socio-economic psychology, by working on object's value perception, as well as its belonging to a brand or a group of users.

Notre philosophie

Some references 


Designer and entrepreneur, Jean-Yves Le Porcher has been working with SMEs, large international groups and premium brands since 1990.

This anchorage, at the heart of a variety of different industrial and marketing cultures, strengthens the transmission of "good practices" 

Nos références


Jean-Yves Le Porcher

108 rue Saint - Honoré, 75001 Paris

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